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    • Pokemon Mystery Diner Oneshot Collection 2024 Cover

      Pokemon Mystery Diner Oneshot Collection 2024

      by dinermods Members of the Discord server Pokemon Mystery Diner have come together to write, compose, and draw for this year’s oneshot collection! The themes are: Moonlight, Lovers Spending Quality Time Together, and The Main Character was the Villain the Whole Time.
      No taxonomies specified yet.
    • Hey you, Corphish! Cover

      Hey you, Corphish!

      by PizzaHutVEVO On the heels of a personal crisis, Corphish indulges a spur of the moment desire and takes a leave of absence from the guild. Setting off on a trip to the Sand Continent, he finds that it’s harder than it seems to find yourself.
      Adventure • Corphish • Oricorio
    • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Nightfall Cover

      Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Nightfall

      by Nero Intruder The world is once more in disarray as violent “infected” Pokemon out of this world start randomly appearing and wreaking havoc. Ouka Yotsuba has always dreamed of partnering up with a Human-turned-Pokemon and saving the world like in the stories of old, and now that the world is again in need of saving, she believes it’s finally her time to shine.On her sixteenth hatchday,…
      Action • Adventure • Alternate Universe • Crime • Drama • Archen • Ekans • Emolga • Espurr • Gligar • Ledyba • Mareep • Metang • Misdreavus • Mudkip • Necrozma • Nidoran♀ • Pawniard • Ribombee • Sandshrew • Scorbunny • Snivy • Trubbish
    • When Monsters Dream

      by CandlitNights When Cresselia finds herself at the mercy of a storm, a stranger with no visible form welcomes her into his home. Rumors have it that these woods are haunted, however, and she soon feels more trapped within its walls than not. Who could this mystery voice be, and what does he want with her?
      Drama • Non-Human • Romance • Cresselia • Darkrai • Marshadow
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    Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

    Welcome everyone to! We’ll be using this space to post events and important news bulletins. For now, feel free to browse the selection of stories. If you’d like to post then you should Register To Be An Author. It’s quick and easy! If you wanna port your story from AO3 you can use our AO3 Chapter Converter Tool to make it go quicker!…

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